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Fire damages both great and small can have long term effects on a property. Smoke odors and soot linger long after a fire’s flames are extinguished, and can threaten the health of those with respiratory issues.

Protect yourself, loved ones, and anyone else from the threats of fire damage by calling the restoration experts at Coastline Restoration. Our team promises to perform quality fire, smoke & soot cleanup services and bring peace of mind to anyone recovering from a fire.

Fire & Smoke Damage Cleanup You Can Rely On

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The Coastline Fire Damage Cleanup Process

When it comes to your home or business, we ensure quality care and the best methods are utilized to ensure the best results. Our goal is to return your property back to its original state and help you back on your feet. Here is a step-by-step overview of what you can expect once our experts arrive at the scene. 

First, we’ll do a walkthrough of your property and remove any unsalvageable items. Once the property is cleared out, we’ll remove any severely damaged flooring that has acquired soot and other harmful carcinogenic elements.

Next, we’ll remove soot and address any water damage that may have occurred during the extinguishing process. We’ll treat your property of potential mold growth and remove other contaminants.

Lastly, we’ll ensure all smoke odors are properly dealt with so you can breathe safe air once again.

Total Cleanup From Puffbacks

If you live in an older home that uses oil burners, boilers, or fireplaces for heat, you may be at risk of experiencing puffbacks. This happens when an appliance is heated and oil ignites, causing an explosion or misfire in the furnace. The results can be dangerous and lead to the release of large amounts of soot into your property. 

At Coastline Restoration, our experts are trained in cleaning up puffbacks of varying degrees. We ensure the quick and effective removal of soot so there are no lingering smells and contaminants. 

Fire Damage Restoration In 3 Steps


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Reach us 24/7 for an immediate response. We’ll be there as soon as possible.


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We’ll take care of your property and address any damage that has occurred.


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We will minimize damage and clean up your property after a fire.

A Trusted Team By Your Side

Right after you experience a fire, be sure to give the experts at Coastline Restoration a call. We understand the urgency of a fire and smoke damage situation, which is why our team is available day or night to respond to your emergency call. We’ll be by your side through the entire restoration process so you have nothing to worry about!