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Biohazard & Trauma Cleanup

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In the unfortunate event of a biohazard or trauma incident in your home or business, there are important steps you must take to ensure your safety and those around you. We understand the stress and uncertainty you may be feeling, which is why we’re here to take care of the cleanup so you can focus on other important matters. 

At Coastline Restoration, we’ve spent the last 15 years helping people back on their feet after a disaster. We can do the same for you. Just give our team of certified experts a call for immediate help.

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Compassionate Services

We’re a family-owned, local business that’s dedicated to providing the best care to our customers in their time of need.

Trained Technicians

Our team is IICRC certified and knows all the proper procedures for safe and effective biohazard and trauma cleanup.

Safety Guaranteed

We take all the proper safety precautions for biohazard and trauma removal. We promise your property will be returned to safe, livable conditions.

Why Hire The Professionals?

Biohazard and trauma cleanup should never be attempted on your own. In cases where blood is present, you run the risk of exposure to viruses like Hepatitis ro bacteria like MRSA. Because of the dangerous nature of this work, all cleaning experts must be certified and use all the proper equipment to ensure complete removal.

Our cleanup protocols abide by OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standards, which requires us to follow universal precautions and to use proper personal protective equipment (PPE) on all jobs. We also ensure the space is safe for you during the cleanup process to ensure all risks are minimized.

Our Biohazard & Trauma Cleanup Method

  1. Assess The Situation: Upon arrival, we’ll do a walk through of your property and assess all affected areas. 
  2. Setup Controls: Next, we’ll seal off affected areas to prevent contaminants from spreading to other parts of the property.
  3. Removal: After safety procedures are in place, we’ll remove all traces of blood and biological materials from the area. 
  4. Clean & Disinfect: After removal, we’ll clean, disinfect, and deodorize affected areas. 

Biohazard & Trauma Cleanup In 3 Steps


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We’ll take care of your property and address any health and safety concerns.


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A Compassionate Team By Your Side

Right after a biohazard or trauma incident, be sure to give the experts at Coastline Restoration a call. Our compassionate team will be by your side throughout the entire cleanup process. With over 15 years in business, we know the importance of being available day or night to respond to your call. Let us take care of the cleanup so you can focus on other important life matters.